Magical Blarney Story

Magical Blarney greetings to one and all! We know there is only one question on everyone’s mind – when is Santa arriving? Well, Santa has assured us, the most important night of the year is Saturday the 19th of November at 5pm, as that’s when he plans to land with his sleigh right here at Blarney Woollen Mills, direct from the North Pole. Santa and his elves cant wait to move back in to Magical Blarney, and take your family and friends on an adventurous journey filled with magic and fun, wonder and joy, giggles and gifts! Once you have completed your on line booking, simply print off the details. Bring them with you to Magical Blarney and check in at the North Pole Post Office on the 2nd Floor at Blarney Woollen Mills. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of your chosen time to visit Santa. This is to avoid unnecessary queuing. Any letters to Santa can be posted here too. Collect your Magical Wristband, and continue on down Elf Avenue to Elf Plaza. Once there, discover our Wishing Well, hang a Wish on the Wishing Tree and see where all the Elves live. Go through to the North Pole Pantry and then finally, meet Judge Judy Elf. This is where all the children find out if they feature on the Naughty List or the Nice List!! Now the true Magic of Christmas really begins. Savour the amazement in the children’s eyes when Santa reveals he knows how well they played in their match, or how good they were for their teacher. Listen as they gasp, when Santa mentions the name of their pet dog, or their best friend. Santa really does know everything, and memories that will live forever are being made right there and then. It IS the most wonderful time of the year, it is a magical time for family.. Welcome to Magical Blarney.

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